Why Do So Many People Hate Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo is certainly one of the most decorated football icons of the modern generation. What very few deny is that Ronaldo is one of the most talented footballers of all-time and while CR7 has his admirers, he also has his haters.

Overall, the public perception of Ronaldo is very mixed, despite him currently being even-money to win the 2018 Ballon d’Or, which may prove a prudent use of a coupon code. Below are some of the main reasons people dislike Ronaldo.

1. Ability

Ronaldo has earned himself millions in cash as a result of his abilities on the pitch and has led Manchester United, Real Madrid and Portugal to major football trophies. Some people hate him simply because they are jealous of the money that he has and the success that he has achieved.

2. Arrogance

It can be argued that Ronaldo does not always answer questions in the most humble way. When asked about why opposition fans jeer him, he said: “It is because I am handsome, rich and a great player, because I am envied. I have no other explanation,”

He also once said: “They hate me because I am too good.’” While this may be somewhat true in some cases, it is also not the most humble thing to say.

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3. Behaviour

During the 2006 World Cup, Ronaldo got his then Manchester United team-mate Wayne Rooney sent off after the former Evertonian appeared to stamp on Ricardo Carvalho. After Rooney and Ronaldo had an exchange on the pitch, Ronaldo winked towards his team’s dugout and this was a questionable behavioural decision.

“Sometimes you do things because emotions are running high, but Wayne is my good friend,” Ronaldo told News of the World. “I can’t regret it because I think the whole experience made me stronger.”

4. Ego

Ronaldo has certainly been known to perform over-the-top celebrations at times after scoring a goal. Ronaldo’s past celebrations have included leg-muscle flexes as well as a reference to the number of goals he has scored.

What is more is that he opened a museum dedicated to himself and his achievements in Madeira, Portugal.

5. Clubs

The best times of Ronaldo’s career have been spent with Manchester United and Real Madrid, who are two polarising clubs in that they also have their equal share of lovers and haters. Real have managed to win 32 league titles and ten Champions League titles through their superior transfer budget compared to the majority of teams. Some argue that they have bought their success.

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