Watch out Ferguson, Ronaldo could leave next summer

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson is certainly relishing his victory against Real Madrid in this transfer saga. Congratulations to the old Scottish man who can now write his name in history, as he is the first to win a transfer case against the Spanish giants.

Unfortunately for Fergie, this sweet relief will not last long…

Ronaldo earlier revealed in his interview with the Portuguese media Publico that he still has the dream of playing for Madrid one day. It is understood that Ronaldo’s decision is to remain in Manchester for only one more year.

Reports claim that the Star winger told his friends in Real that he will do whatever it takes to join the Spanish club in the 2009/10 season.

Real Madrid may use the same tactic they applied to have Figo from Barcelona. And if Ferguson wants to prevent Los Meringues from signing the talismanic number 7 next summer, there is no doubt that the manager will have to use money as his main instrument to captivate Ronaldo’s mind.

However, with the EPL facing financial crisis and with Manchester United suffering from millions of debts, raising players’ salaries will not be that easy.

Ferguson must already think of preparing himself for another fight against the Spanish giants. The saga is probably ‘postponed’ rather than ‘closed’.

Now, there is peace between the two clubs but next summer will surely be hotter than this one. Real Madrid never give up chasing their targets, so Manchester United must be ready to engage in another war or else, abdicate.

Written by:Angela Asante

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