Vote now: Will Cristiano Ronaldo shine in La Liga?

Ronaldo shines in the thunder

Ronaldo shines in the thunder

Cristiano Ronaldo left the grey clouds and the rainy atmosphere of England to live under the warm sun in Madrid. In truth, was he also leaving his success behind him?

Some believe that Manchester United was Ronaldo’s home and that the young man will be nothing without the loving grace of the experienced Sir Alex Ferguson and his Red Devil club.
For this group of people, Cristiano Ronaldo will disappear from the highest rank of soccer professionals in the blink of an eye. They claim that money and pressure will distract the man that now holds the title of the world’s most expensive football player.

And more… they believe that Ronaldo will melt under the fire of Real Madrid’s rivals Barcelona which is powered by Lionel Messi.

Opinions should always be voiced out in football once they don’t include offensive thoughts or anything that will hurt someone. So go on, cast your votes now. Answer this simple question: Will Cristiano Ronaldo shine in La Liga? Vote in the Poll that is on the home page.

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

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