Videos of Cristiano Ronaldo’s Barcelona Performances with Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo playing at Old Trafford for Manchester United against BarcelonaCristiano Ronaldo Fan has been updated with videos of Cristiano Ronaldo’s performances for Manchester United against Barcelona.

In my most recent post before this one, (Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid – Barcelona Champions League Final In Spain Burns), I wrote about Cristiano Ronaldo’s ambition to face Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu in the 2010 Champions League final.

After sharing with you past memories of Cristiano Ronaldo v Barcelona in that article, I thought it would be nice for me to share videos of Cristiano Ronaldo’s past performances against Barcelona.

Cristiano Ronaldo Fan’s Video Gallery
already possesses video highlights of Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo against Barcelona in his first ever El Clasico.

What about watching videos of Cristiano Ronaldo as a Manchester United player featuring against Barcelona?
Click on “Ronaldo Videos” in the menu or go here to view more videos on Cristiano Ronaldo.

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

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