The right decision

July 7th was supposed to be the day when superstar Cristiano Ronaldo should have been unveiled as a Real Madrid player. As one could witness, this did not happen. Ronaldo is currently a Red Devil though seeing him leave Old Trafford for Spain is very much a possibility.

Earlier this year, the winger revealed he was driven to be the world’s greatest player but with Portugal’s quarterfinal exit, this dream has been slightly overshadowed. However, despite national team achievements playing a major part in rewards, club football success has a lot of importance too; reigning footballer of the year Kaka won almost all the awards a player could dream of despite not participating in the Copa America.

Consequently, if Ronaldo aims to be named the next Fifa Player of the year 2008, taking a decision over his club future surely is delicate and decisive. In these last few months, he has been criticised by fans in England for wanting to quit Manchester United too soon. Like Eric Cantona, many share the opinion that Ronaldo is just beginning to flourish and that he should wait two or three more years before leaving Manchester.

If Ronaldo stays in the Premiership, he would be competing against Euro 2008 Championship winner Fernando Torres of Liverpool who also intends to win the Fifa Player of the year award. But with success being Ronaldo’s number one aim, going to Spain might just be the right decision. With the country’s national team winning the European Cup and tennis player Nadal winning the Wimbledon title, many suggest that it is Spain’s year of triumph.

Clinching the UEFA Champions League trophy is one of the greatest tasks a player should do to be entitled as the best footballer on earth. And who knows? The cup could be moving from England to Spain come next season and maybe be in the hands of hungry giants Real Madrid.

Therefore going to Spain could be the perfect decision for Ronaldo to be a Galactico redeemer and the world’s best player.

Written by: Angela Asante

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