The Fabulous Cristiano Ronaldo and His Amazing 3 Season With Real Madrid

It’s been 3 years since Cristiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid for the first time. Probably people still remembered when on July 6th 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo taken his first step as a Madridista. Since then, no less than 146 goals have been recorded through either his feet and head. What makes it amazing is that all 146 goals came from 146 matches, that brought 2 titles for Los Blancos.

With €94 million transfer fee, Real Madrid was finally able to bring him to Santiago Bernabeu, with the hope that his presence will conquer Barcelona’s domination.

Unfortunately, it was a bad season for both Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid. While their rival Barcelona kept on climbing to reach the top, by grabbing 6 title from all 6 competition. Real Madrid’s dream team  failed to match Pep Guardiola’s squad.

But it wasn’t Ronaldo’s fault. As a professional player, he has shown an amazing performance. 33 goals in 35 matches is one hell of a record for a newbie in the club. Plus, his injury has prevented him from having a maximum achievement.

The second season, along with Jose Mourinho as a new coach, Ronaldo changed his shirt with his favorite number 7. With the lucky number, he managed to create 53 goals from all 54 matches, won the pichichi title, and grabbed Copa del Rey trophy with his goal over Barcelona in the final round. Not bad, not bad at all….

On the third season, Cristiano Ronaldo was unstoppable. Only Messi could match and even exceed his goal number. With 60 goals from 55 games, it was hard to believe that he just entered the Spain’s club 3 years ago, knowing that Messi already joined Barcelona for far longer time and made his debut in 2004. Based on this experience, I guess we can say that Ronaldo is still one step ahead Messi. Or am I wrong ?

But enough to say, the important thing is that finally in his third year, Cristiano Ronaldo was able to bring Los Blancos to conquer Barcelona from the league’s domination. Unbelievable….

Now, we should wait for his next round in his fourth season with Real Madrid. Will his goal statistic increase ? Will he provide more titles for Real Madrid ? I guess time will tell.




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