The Crucial Judgement Day in El Clasico Duel

Currently, Los Blancos still lead in the league standings  with 85 points. Yet, they’re only 4 points away from rival Barcelona in second place. If Real Madrid succeeded in winning tonight’s El Clasico duel, it will leave Barcelona to almost impossible to catch them in the Primera league since there will only be 4 matches left. On the other hand, if Barcelona win the game, they will cut the margin into 1 point. Which means, Barcelona can only hope for Real Madrid to get frustrated that will losen their confidence and concentration in the last 4matches.

Therefore, for Mourinho, a win in clasico is considered a ticket to win the Primera league, but a draw result will be enough to keep them in a saver competition.

Besides the duel between the club, tomorrow El clasico will be more fierce since it will also involves the competition between 2 of their best players, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. The 2 players both aim for the El pichichi title, with their goal collection of 41 goal each in la liga.

What makes it more interesting, is the coach behind the two Giant club, Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola. During his time with Real Madrid , Mourinho is yet to reach a victory in La liga Clasico. His best record is only 1-1 draw in Bernabeu.

The match is so crucial since it will determine their position in La liga, therefore both club will mostly to play their best players since the beginning of the match.  It seems that they didn’t want to take any risk even though they will have an important second leg Champions league match next week.  The El Clasico is always consider as the most prestigue match in Spanish.

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