The Anti-Climax of 2 Spanish Giant at Champions League Semi-Finals

During the 2 days of Champions League semi-finals first leg match, 2 Spanish Giant team -Real Madrid and Barcelona- were at their anti-climax after suffering an unexpected away loss.

Against Bayern Munich, Real Madrid failed to get the advantage after Mesut Ozil’s goal in the second half. Bayern scored the first goal in just 17th minute through Ribery, but the last minute goal from Mario Gomez has shut Real Madrid’s hope to make the second leg easier. They had to surrender with 2-1 on Bayern’s victory.

Similar thing happened in Barcelona clash against Chelsea. Having an offensive strategy and showed their domination through out the match, Barcelona had to return with a painful 0-1 loss.

Didier Drogba scored the winning goal at the first half round during the injury time. Yet for the next 45 minutes, Barcelona failed to maximize their opportunity to create a goal.

The Spanish league competition was accused to be their disappointing performance. Now that the league is getting near the end, the competition is getting stiffer. Again, it involves Real Madrid and Barcelona. Playing 1 or 2 match in a week clearly had putting off their stamina.

However, both team still have the chance for a payback in the second leg match. To enter the Champions League final round, Real Madrid only need to win 1-0, while Barcelona need to do at least a 2-0 victory.


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