Study: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Balls Dive Like A Baseball When He Shoots – Ken Bray

Cristiano Ronaldo Free-kick against MarseilleThere is no other player on the planet that poses such threat to goalkeepers as Cristiano Ronaldo when he shoots correctly from free-kicks, according to the University of Bath’s physics professor Ken Bray.

The physicist wrote a book in which he particularly singled out Cristiano Ronaldo to praise him for the strangeness in his shots.

Discussing the scientific connections between the natural laws of nature and soccer, Ken Bray told AS:

“Cristiano Ronaldo takes free-kicks in a special manner. The ball barely rotates after being struck.

“When Cristiano Ronaldo shoots, the ball acts similarly to a baseball and because of this, its trajectory is difficult to discern.

“To our eyes, some goalkeepers may appear stupefied. In truth, they are not at fault. If they are headed towards goal, the Portuguese’s shots are very difficult to save.

“No-one shoots like this, except perhaps Sunderland’s Kieran Richardson. And the goals have nothing to do with luck.”

According to the predictions of physicist Ken Bray, Cristiano Ronaldo will improve upon his free-kicks technique as time goes by.

Goalkeepers can only start crying a river!

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

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