Strange Facts Behinds Cristiano Ronaldo Baby Rumor

Cristiano Ronaldo recently announced shocking news on his official twitter and facebook pages.On July 4th just after he came back from not very succesful World Cup for Portugal and himself football super star announced that he recently became a father…

Hours later after statement was posted,his twitter account was mysteriously suspended.That led to speculations that Ronaldo’s twitter and facebook were hacked.There’s still no official statement made by Cristiano Ronaldo or his agency “gestifute” about this. Many people made their congrats to Ronaldo,but others think that not everything is that simple and clear…. there are many questions that have not answered, and maybe will never be…

Here are some facts,which show that there are many gaps in his version which is given to us.

Firstly, the announcement was made just days after Portugal was knocked out of the World Cup.

Probably the most strange fact of all .This year World Cup wasn’t succesful for Portugal at all. They went in top 16 and then got defeated by Spain. Many people around the world were expecting that Cristiano will show his best form and beautiful game,but it was far from it.

Portugal’s captain were in silence since the beginning of the event. While his rival lionel Messi was shining on the pitch and in the eyes of Argentina fans, despite his goaless appearance.  Earlier this year Messi’s club Barcelona defeated  Real Madrid in Spanish La Liga . That made Ronaldo stayed as second man, as more people made a conclusion that Messi is a better player than him. Ronaldo career might be in jeopardy, unless he showed the best in WC event.… sadly the worst happened, Cristiano wasn’t that lucky.

Many people now think, that probably his agency took over everything and is trying to save Cristiano’s reputation by raising his popularity at any cost.At this case , he might show us by putting him as a responsible father role. What make us think like that? Simple, if his son was born in middle  June, why Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t slip the news just after it happened? Also very simple, maybe he didn’t even need to mention it at that moment, knowing that Portugal still on the game for WC. Why ruin the glory ??

Secondly, “his official” post says”No further information will be provided on this subject and I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy”

What is strange about this quote is that Cristiano “is asking to understand him,and he‘s asking for a privacy. It wouldn‘t be strange if these news about his child wasn’t spread out  by himself but by media or other people,but nooo… he announced it by himself, and expected that no one is going to try to find out who‘s the mother or  the baby news, like he thinks that no one is going to disturb him by questioning this huge situation.

If he wanted a privacy, then WHY DID HE ANNOUNCED IT AT ALL? If he kept silence and just lived his life, no one will ever know about his son at all (although I doubt this, journalist smells like a bloodhound) and they will be in peace now. So the fact that he posted this by himself and that he‘s asking privacy is completely foolish.

Many people are actually sure that it wasnt Cristiano who made this announcement, and that people were sure that it was his management‘s plan. Come on, he doesn’t need to be more popular than he already is.

Thirdly, the Child‘s mother is American.

Also quite interesting fact. If we have in mind that child is about 1 month of age that means that he was started on September or October last year. As we know CR had trip to USA during summer time not autumn, but of course we can‘t deny that the mother maybe was in Spain at that time.

Fourthly, his Twitter account was suspended.

Hours later the post was made,Cristiano‘s twitter account was suspended,question is why? It led many people to one answer – fake post by hackers.

And Fifth, Does Cristiano Ronaldo has a conscience?

Let‘s say that Cristiano Ronaldo has a son. If he knew that soon he‘s gonna become a father,how could he hang out with so many different women,this makes us wonder if he has conscience? Just before a world cup Ronaldo had some affairs with at least 3 different women. Spanish model Naya, USA‘s socialite Kim Kardashian and latest Russian model Irina Shayk. So if future daddy knew that soon he‘s gonna become a father why didn‘t he go to be with his child‘s mother in her last days of pregnancy? Didn‘t he care at all?

There are many presumptions that CR‘s agency is playing a game. There are many questions and no answers. And we might not know the truth at all, because if the game has already been played there‘s no turning back for CR . Many people many opinions, everyone has a chance to choose what they want to believe in.

Jolita Stonyte,

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