Special Report, Part 2: Re-live moments! Visit Cristiano Ronaldo’s Photo Gallery!

Many have been left angry at Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United to Real Madrid, but some rather feel nostalgia over his absence in England next season.

There are still people who understand Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to quit the Red Devils after contributing so much to their success in the past years. For these people, CRF has organized a Special Coverage on Cristiano Ronaldo. Check it all out.

Ronaldo was brought into the Mancunian club as a teenager and now goes out of it as a 24-year-old man.

He experienced a lot of things as a Manchester United player. In 2006 especially, Cristiano Ronaldo rose up to become a key figure in the Manchester United squad. He won a multitude of individual awards as well as many collective trophies.

Relive moments of Cristiano Ronaldo’s career as a Manchester United player. Visit the Manchester United corner of CRF’s Photo Gallery. Click here: Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester United.

The Photo Gallery is being updated every day with new pictures. This is mainly thanks to two popular young guys on CRF – Adrian Serban and Getoar Gashi. We are glad to unveil these two guys as our Photo Gallery workers. Anyone who wants to volunteer for us must contact me at angela@cristianoronaldofan.net.

Keep on visiting the site here: http://cristianoronaldofan.net/photogallery/manchester-united/

In memory and honor of Cristiano Ronaldo, here is a nice song from Michelle Branch entitled Goodbye To You:

In memory and honor of Cristiano Ronaldo, here is a nice song from Avril Lavigne entitled I miss You:

Written by: Angela Asante

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