Sara Carbonero Called Cristiano Ronaldo a Selfish Player

Clearly Cristiano Ronaldo is not one of her favorite football player, even though he’s on the same team with her man, Iker Casillas.  Or probably she just loves to be on  the headlines and become the attention grabber. Either way, for Real Madrid fans, it wasn’t a good thing to hear after their victory in La liga match.

Yes, once again Sara Carbonero  sticks her nails on the Portuguese player, when she appeared in a gossip show recently, talking bad about the striker. After watching Cris performance on Real’s latest match against Sociedad, she made a cruel comment, and called Cristiano “selfish”.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is a selfish and individualistic players, and that’s why Real Madrid have signed him. He isn’t depressive like they all say, he is just like that, and RM knew that when they paid € 94 million,” said Carbonero.

It appears that she doesn’t like Cristiano Ronaldo in the first place, (maybe the rumor about Cris and Iker bet on who’s going to bed her first is true !)since she often made a sinical comment about the player. With Cris latest commercial with Armani, she said that his abs were photoshops. And not just that, last year she made an interview once with Pepe el Brujo, about how he was going to distroy Cristiano’s career.

It wasn’t a smart thing to do since her boyfriend is the captain of Real Madrid, and bad comment on the media about his team-mates is surely not going to pleased him.


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