Ronaldo’s future… only God knows

People have been waiting tiredly to know where and how the saga will conclude. If they are running out of patience to see in which club Ronaldo will end up and how things will turn out for him next season, then let them ask God and he will reveal everything to them.

The first thing one may ask is, ‘Where is God and who is he?’

Well, you need not to search too far, swim the rivers, climb the mountains, or reach the skies; God is right here, on earth and it is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo, the master of his own self.

Shocking, hun? But with the way Alex Ferguson is fighting for the talismanic number 7 to stay in Manchester United, it is obvious many suggest that Ronaldo is Alex Ferguson’s God.

The present debate is around two suppositions: the first one presumes that Ferguson wants Ronaldo to stay simply because he has so much love and affection for the young man. But this suggestion looks less likely to be the truth. However, there is another supposition, which has not escaped from the thoughts of everyone who follows this saga: either Fergie is exploiting Ronaldo – Man United’s hot potato – for the team’s success or, he is worshiping the player. In other words, Ferguson – who still has the passion to win titles and break records – is fighting for Ronaldo to stay because of one thing: the fear that Ronaldo’s departure will mean Manchester United’s downfall as well as the end of Fergie’s illustrious career as a coach.

In these last two years, Cristiano Ronaldo has transformed into a great player however, Man United fans may not consider him as a great figure of the famous number 7 jersey following his misconduct towards the club.

As for Fergie, it seems he has built a link – so difficult to break – between the player and him since Ronaldo’s spirit has risen perhaps even higher than the team spirit’s standard.

The manager has thrown out all the possible arguments to tempt Ronaldo to change his mind and stay in England. At a press conference on Monday, he described Man United as the best place for the Portuguese to be at, saying that Ronaldo was the happiest man in the world after winning the Champions League with the Red Devils. He added that Ronaldo would commit the worst mistake of his career if he joins Real Madrid.

Above all these disputes going on between Fergie, Ronaldo, and Real, the most ironic thing is that Cristiano Ronaldo may end up being neither at Old Trafford nor at the Santiago Bernabeu in the near future.

This young man has been building his future over the women in his life. Now, he seems to be very much pleased with the glamorous actress he hooked up with in Hollywood on Monday.

Who knows, but God, if Ronaldo will not switch to the L.A where money and fame might hail him as the king and the idol of the galaxy?

Written by: Angela Asante

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