Ronaldo reflecting on Real Madrid issues concerning him

Cristiano Ronaldo is not yet a Real Madrid player. The Portuguese winger will have to wait a bit longer before being paired alongside Kaka. Ronaldo, who is currently on holidays, is already thinking of playing for Real Madrid.

He stated:

“I want to start pre-season well, that’s what I really want,”

“The truth is that I’m eager to start, but for now I want to rest.

“The negotiations are still not concluded.”

Cristiano Ronaldo is yet to find a suitable house in Real Madrid. He also needs to learn how to speak Spanish fluently as it is understood that he will remain in the Spanish club for six years as stipulated in the contract.

Considering the money involved in his transfer, and his Ballon d’Or and Fifa Player of the year titles, Ronaldo will be under pressure to perform very well at Real Madrid. But the former Manchester United number 7 star is well aware of how hard it is going to be in his dream club.

“I know that the expectations are great but I have to get used to that.”

Written by: Angela Asante

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