Ronaldo could be the greatest number 7

Cristiano Ronaldo could become Manchester United’s greatest number 7 of all time as Alex Ferguson once stated. The Portuguese Star has been astounding since 2006, winning as a result two consecutive PFA Awards, and is yet to continue his reign as the best player in England when he returns from injury.

According to the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the former Manchester U player, the first criterion to become one of Manchester United’s greatest footballer is to be like Ryan Giggs. In other words, it is to commit his entire future to the club.

The difference with Ronaldo is that despite the great moments he enjoyed helping the English Champions achieve success, staying a Red Devil player all his life is not his choice.

During this summer transfer window, the Portuguese winger almost saw his dream come true. Should he have move to Real Madrid, all his previous contributions for the English champions to enjoy domestic and European glory wouldn’t have been enough to make him a Great number 7, according to Manchester United fans.

After all the speculations that went on during the just-ended saga, Ronaldo remains a Red Devil and he may be a Galactico only next season.

However, with Madrid canceling any possible departure of their talented Brazilian playmaker Robinho and with Van der Vaart’s arrival, the Spanish giants seem to have forgotten Ronaldo.

There is still time for the 23-year-old to fall in love again with Manchester United. He might even end up committing his entire future – or a big part of it – to the Red Devils.

If he remains as impressive as he was in these past two seasons, there is no doubt he will engrave his name in history and develop into Manchester United’s greatest number 7.

Written by: Angela Asante

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