Ronaldo and Kim Kardashian Caught Together

Cristiano Ronaldo hooking up with Kim Kardashian again in Beverly hills. Ronaldo took use of their tour in America to meet his x-girlfriend at Beverly Hills Hotel, though both stars are in a RELATIONSHIP !!

Well, Ronaldo and Kardashian hooked up before in Spain and there was many roomers about them mingling together.

As reported by In-toush Weekly, Kim was watching her boyfriend Miles Austin training in Dallas Cowboy’s football practice at August 1, and two days later Kardashian was caught with Ronaldo in the lobby of  Beverly Hills Hotel.

Ronaldo is already in a relationship with Iryna Shyke the Russian model and he also has a baby from an unknown mother, a friend of Kim said that’s not a surprising thing from Kim,  “She is boy crazy and always looking for the next man — someone with more fame and money than her current guy,” the friend explains.

Ghiwa Abi Haidar,

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