‘Rocket’ Cristiano Ronaldo Castrol Study – Better Than Apollon 11 And A Cheetah!

[/caption]Does anyone have any idea of how impressive Cristiano Ronaldo is in terms of football? I bet most of you don’t have a clue!

But read the following and witness for yourself how “Rocket” Ronaldo is physically impressive according to Castrol’s studies through GPS tracking systems.

Here are six facts which you may not believe:

Fact 1: We all know that Cristiano Ronaldo kicks a free-kick at 130 kilometers per hour on average. Now here is something else. The Real Madrid forward possesses an amazing record; when Ronaldo makes a free-kick it accelerates at 31.1 meters per second, more than four times faster than Apollo 11’s rocket. Actually, Apollo 11’s rocket flied at 7.3 meters a second during the blast-off period.

Fact 2: Another ‘cute’ fact. Ronaldo is slim, yes, this is quite visible. But do you know that he only has 10% of fat in his body? Average catwalk queens normally contain up to 13.8% of body fat. Stunning!

Fact 3: Cristiano Ronaldo lifts 23,055 kilograms during a weight training session. Keep in mind that it’s as if he lifted 16 Toyota Prius cars. Ouch!

UEFA Champions League; Marseille 1-3 Real Madrid: Free-kick expert Cristiano Ronaldo scores from the spot.

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Fact 4: Cristiano Ronaldo made his record breaking £ 80 million switch from England to Spain last summer. Ironically, the distance between Madrid and London is equal to the distance of his runs during games in one season. No doubts there; Cristiano Ronaldo runs an average of 10.5 kilometers per match.

Fact 5: In each game, the Portuguese superstar makes between 1,000 and 1,500 moves. And this surpasses the 936 bends that a Formula One car twists through at the Monaco Grand Prix!

Fact 6: Perhaps this one is the most surprising one, but yet true according to Castrol’s analyses. When Cristiano Ronaldo jumps, it has been found that he generates five time more power than a cheetah jumping in full flight! Do you believe that?

I guess Cristiano Ronaldo’s nickname should be changed from “Rocket” Ronaldo to “Apollon 11 Plus” Ronaldo, or better… “Cheetah” Ronaldo. Surely, the guy is fierce!

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Angela Asante, Footballfantalk.com


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