Robinho better than Ronaldo?

The young Brazilian forward Robinho is reportedly upset with Real Madrid and their apparent willingness to make him part of a deal to bring Cristiano Ronaldo to Madrid.

Robinho’s agent Vagner Rebeiro is quoted as saying that neither him or Robinho like the fact that he is being used as a “bargaining chip”, claiming the player has been “devalued” as a result. Robinho’s ability on the field of play, according to his agent “ is better than or equal to Ronaldo”. However it seems Real do not have that same opinion.

While they wait around for Ronaldo, Robinho has been in contact through his agent with Chelsea with a view to a possible transfer. Chelsea manager Scolari see’s Robinho as the right player to add that touch of flair that Chelsea owner Mr Abramovic clearly desires next season from his playing staff. Now he probably wishes he could have Ronaldo in his side! But money can’t buy everything.

Written by: Reehan Adam

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