Real Madrid’s Shocking Performance in Early of Season 2012/13



Despite his disappointing performance against Getafe on the last league match, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to escape Jose Mourinho’s critics. After the match, Mourinho made sure that it was all about team work, and not about one man job. Even that the lost is unacceptable, Mou knew that Getafe played better at that time, and that him, the coach and all the players were on the same boat.

From 2 league matches, Real Madrid shockingly only made 1 point, and had to be in 14th place in the league standings rank. Meanwhile, their biggest rival stays strong in the first rank with 6 points, after recorded 2 league victories.

The lost over Supercopa first leg in Camp Nou might have caused Real Madrid’s poor performance. It is understandable, since their confidence was swallowed by Barcelona superiority. What they need to do is to get back on their feet, and forget about their failures.

However, playing at Bernabeu for the second leg of Supercopa, Mourinho wishes to see a good performance from the White team. Obviously, a home game will give them the advantage, and Mou confident that they will play differently from the last clasico. The second leg will be played soon today, and hopefully Real Madrid will make a smart move and still a number of point.


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