Real Madrid Received a Visit From 2 Baseball Players

Real Madrid players had a visit from 2 baseball players from Arizona Diamond Backs, Gerardo Parra and Miguel Montero.

“It’s an honour to be here watching the best team in the world training and being close to the players”, said Parra.

Miguel Montero, his team mate also said that he is a fan of Real Madrid.

“I’m a fan of Spanish football and of Real Madrid. Today I’m playing in Los Angeles and I’ve taken advantage of today to see them training”.

At the end of the first training session of the day, few Real Madrid players played baseball on the field. Xabi Alonso showed a surprising baseball skill on the demo.

“We’ve been speaking with him and he told us that one day he went to a baseball match and got really into it. That encouraged him to play the sport with batting machines and that’s why he’s so good with the bat”,said Miguel.

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