Real Madrid Amazing Comeback Record

Real Madrid finally won the Spanish league title the first time after 4 years. The secret of their success is not the smart strategy from the new coach Mourinho nor the presence of their most expensive player, Cristiano Ronaldo. The victory actually lies in each players phenomenal fighting spirit in a match, that brought them to an amazing comeback, even after they got left behind with 0-1 score from the opponent.

Like on last September, when Rayo Vallecano shocked Bernabeu with their first goal in the first minute. It was a terrible way to start the game. But the bad opening somehow turned out to ended well for Los Blancos, after they wrote the scoreboard with a 6-2 victory.

Amazing ? You bet.

This season, Real Madrid have recorded 9 comeback victories after they lost 0-1 from the opponent. Compare to Barcelona, who only had 6 times comeback victories , and that was 3 seasons ago.

Besides the Vallecano match, Madrid’s true champion spirit also shown another threatening match against Atletico Madrid. At minute 15th, Atletico Madrid scored the opening goal , but Real Madrid were the one who had the last laugh, when they reached a sweet 4-1 victory.

Here are the list of Real Madrid match that ended with the Whites victory after the opponent strikes the first goal.

• Against Mallorca, Real Madrid won with 1-2
• Against Atletico Bilbao, Real Madrid won with 4-1
• Against Levante, Real Madrid finally won with 4-2
• Against Real Betis, Real Madrid won with 2-3
• AgainstSporting Gijon, Real Madrid won with 3-1
• Against Granada, Real Madrid won

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