Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo vs Barcelona – Supercopa Clasico (23 August 2012)First Leg



The first leg of Supercopa El Clasico had to end with Barcelona’s victory of 3-2.

Cristiano Ronaldo opened the first goal in minute 55th for Real Madrid’s lead, but unfortunately, Pedro quickly equalized the point by scoring a minute later. The next goal belongs to Barcelona as they awarded with a penalty shot after Ramos made a foul on Andres Iniesta. Messi as the executor did his job well.

In the middle of second half, Xavi Hernandez scored the third goal for Barcelona, and all the hope seemed to be fade away. 3-1 for Barcelona’s lead.

But still, Real Madrid won’t give up just yet. Thanks to Angel di Maria persistent moves, he made the last goal 5 minutes before the match ended. Well, of course, the credit goes to Di Maria and Victor Valdes silly blunder.

Anyway, here are the pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo on the match :

[fbphotos id=339445669478643]

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