News & Pictures : Cristiano Ronaldo(Real Madrid 0-2 FC Barcelona, 27 April 2011)Champions League Semi-Finals

Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t hide his disappointment with the result of yesterday’s Champions League semi-finals match, that ended with a victory for the visitor, Barcelona.

According to Ronaldo Stark shouldn’t give a straight red card to Pepe with that kind of foul. He mentioned that it wasn’t the first time Barcelona get a benefit from the ref.

“This is the fourth season in a row that happened like this . Mourinho is right, just look what happened with Arsenal , Chelsea and Inter ( Milan),”said Ronaldo.

Although he admitted that Messi has an extraordinary gift in football, but Ronaldo claims that Real Madrid minus one player was the reason Barcelona could win the match.

“With 11 against 11, we did not suffer and everything was under control. We did not play well but it was all under control. Then we played with 10 players and they scored two goals. coincidence?” quoted Ronaldo.

“He (Messi) is very good, but against 10 players is very easy. I hope I have the chance to play against 10 players (Barcelona),” he added.

On the second leg, May 3rd 2011, it will be twice as hard for Madrid to win the match, since Barcelona have another benefit to play in Camp Nou. Moreover, the last Clasico match at Camp Nou didn’t end well for Los Blancos, and the nightmare of being defeated with 5-0 is not easy to forget.

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