Nereida Talks About Cristiano Ronaldo New Girlfriend Irina

Cristiano Ronaldo loves to flash his girlfriend with unforgettable summer vacation. Back in summer 2008, he gave Nereida, a romantic trip to Sardinia but he included his family and friends on the trip. But with Irina, he decided to go alone.

“Irina is luckier than me,”said Nereida and explaining,”I was not alone with him.”

There were many “hot and sexy” pictures from Nereida’s trip with Cris, and only a few from his last vacation with Irina. However, five days alone with just Cristiano and Irina seemed more romantic and private.

After the trip to Sardinia, Nereida and Cris broke up. The Spanish came to tell the Morning Post that it was due to the lack of privacy that the couple had then, and the fact that at the time were added the first pictures of Nereida Gallardo nude.

But today, with her new relationship with  Pedro Sabater, the Majorcan has no problem praising the new girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo. “She is very beautiful,” says the newspaper. Maybe it’s because she will soon marry Sabater on August 21st his year.

When asked about the future of this relationship, Nereida Gallardo is cautious. “I do not know if it will be serious, because it seems that he has not yet introduced her to the family. But maybe yes.”

As for the World Cup, the ex CR7 makes it clear, “I won’t watch him on the tv.”


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