Nereida Gallardo; Dumped and Broken

Nereida Gallardo

Did Ronaldo react too harshly towards his former girlfriend Nereida Gallardo when he broke up with her for good?

The Spanish model was one of the numerous girls Ronaldo has dated who had a big impact on Ronaldo’s private and professional life.

According to rumours, Ronaldo’s friends and family appreciated Nereida unlike Mercedes Romero – whom Ronaldo once planed to marry.

In terms of devotion, she certainly gave 100% of herself to Cristiano as she even went on to tattoo “CR7” on the inside of her wrist to honour her boyfriend’s name and lucky number.

Moreover, it is believed that she never duped Ronaldo during their relationship.

For those of you who are unaware of Nereida’s secret, the first question is probably, ‘Why did Ronaldo break up with such an angel?’

…Well, it could be because of one crazy night – a moment with Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos that Nereida calls a thing of the past, a mistake that she does not want to remember.

She tried her best to keep Ronaldo ignorant about this ‘incident’, however Ronaldo discovered the news and he did not hesitate to ‘dump her’ officially.

Quite a harsh decision, wasn’t it? Unfortunately for Nereida, the outcome she feared the mostcame true.

Will Cristiano find another woman who will inspire him to football success more than Nereida Gallardo did?

Cristiano Ronaldo is drawing a line between his future and everything that could relate him to England such as Nereida who aimed to build her career in the U.K.

Only time will reveal if he misses Nereida’s company or not. As for his ex-girlfriend, there is no doubt about it, she has been completely broken by Ronaldo’s departure.

Written by: Angela Asante

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