Naya, then Kim Kardashian – Is Cristiano Ronaldo Serious?

So Real Madrid’s El Clasico saw Cristiano Ronaldo humiliated in the Spanish media but now the focus is on Cristiano Ronaldo’s private life. Supposed girlfriends, or ex-girlfriends, or whatever they are called Naya and Kim Kardashian have put CR9 in the headlines again. Girls, and more girls around Cristiano Ronaldo. Is the guy serious?

First, it started with Naya, a 23-year-old model who came on TV and ‘disgraced’ Cristiano Ronaldo. She had naughty television-publicized chats with interviewers that many die-hard Cristiano Ronaldo fans don’t want to believe. Now, it continues with Kim Kardashian, that 30-year-old American model, socialist, actress, (and her names can go on and on). The new story is that Kim Kardashian and Cristiano Ronaldo are rumored to have hooked up after having spent moments together a while ago.

Reports say that Cristiano Ronaldo and Kim enjoyed dinner in a restaurant, then Ronaldo drove the American actress to his house before she left to fly back to the USA. Well, that’s enough girlfriends talks at quite a difficult moment for Real Madrid! Los Blancos are three points behind Barcelona in La Liga and they’ll need their players to be fully focused on Sunday as they face Valencia at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Earlier in the week, Cristiano Ronaldo was accused of having wild parties before and after Real Madrid’s El Clasico defeat to Barcelona. The Portuguese winger categorically denied those claims that were declared on Spanish TV channel Telecinco. The 25-year-old football star is willing to sue the program “Salva-me” in which these ‘false’ reports were stated.

But at the moment, one thing any fervent Real Madrid fan may wonder about is this: Aren’t women, in the form of Najlae aka Naja and Kim Kardashian, distracting Cristiano Ronaldo? Florentino Perez was meanwhile keen not to let Cristiano Ronaldo’s private issues take over his football on the pitch in the headlines.

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