Match Reviews : Real Madrid 4-1 Mallorca (13 May 2012)La liga

Real Madrid succeeded in ending their season with a 4-1 victory against Mallorca last night. 

To end the game with style, coach Mourinho played 3 strikers all at once – Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema , and Higuain. The strategy proved to work well, and although Higuain didn’t score a single goal, he did contribute 2 assist in the game.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored the opening goal in minute 19th, that also became his last goal on the season. His total goal in La liga is now 46 goals – such amazing record, to achieved in just 3 years with Real Madrid.

After the goal, Benzema doubled the point 4 minutes later, thanks to Gonzalo Higuain and Ronaldo’s assist.

The third goal was created on the second half round, through Mesut Ozil, 4 minutes after the match started. Again, a nice touch up from Higuain helped Ozil in scoring his first on the game.

Not long after, Mallorca’s finally able to steal a goal from Real Madrid through Gonzalo Castro. However, despite already winning the league, Real Madrid kept on being persistent and scored their fourth goal, again, through Mesut Ozil.

With the victory, Los Blancos succeeded in collecting 100 points in La liga, first time in history, with 121 goals. While Mallorca came on 8th in the standings with 52 points.

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