Isn’t Ronaldo bigger than Manchester United?

‘No Ronaldo, no glory!’ this was the thought of many people after Manchester United lost to Liverpool on Saturday.

The Red Devils may have won both the EPL and the Champions League title last season, but things are not as sweet presently as they were last year.

Man United is a great club, with outstanding players such as Anderson, Tevez, and newcomer Berbatov. However, even with these big names, getting goals and clinching victory seem to be two very difficult tasks to do.

Earlier during the summer, Ryan Giggs insisted that his team was strong even without Ronaldo. Now, is this opinion actuality true?

Fergie’s Man United flied higher than any other team last season and if they were able to write off the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea in their road to glory, Ronaldo’s presence was arguably what made it possible.

In the last couple of years, Ronaldo’s obvious contribution in Manchester United saw the Reds triumph domestically as well as on the European front, after up to four successive years of disappointing campaigns.

Now, the talismanic Portuguese Star is completely missing from the squad due to injury and whether it is a coincidence or not, it looks like Fergie’s Big Boys just can’t find their way through to victory this season.

The team is currently below the middle of the league table, with only four points.

It is believed that Ronaldo will be back by the end of September, which is quite an early date comparing to what doctors suggested. However, would it not be too late for Manchester United?

The Red Champions will have to face Chelsea without Ronaldo on September 21st. There is a sensation that Man United will drop out of contention for the EPL title should they fail to secure a win on that day.

If the worst happens to the Reds, their supporters will start rethinking about the possibility of some people’s opinion as a true fact: Manchester United is indeed a one-man team.

Written by: Angela Asante

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