Is Ronaldo a greedy lad?

The current financial crisis is a global thing that has made people more conscious about their money spending. Well, one man who should be able to spend a whole lot of money without worrying about his economies is Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Manchester Untied winger will soon benefit of a salary rise in the summer if he indeed decides to remain with the Reds.

This news has undoubtedly provoked intensive debates. After accusations from the public describing Ronaldo as an arrogant footballer, come accusations portraying him as greedy young man.
A majority of people have expressed their anger towards the fact that Ronaldo is considering a rise of payment whereas the financial crisis is an apparent fact in Europe.

On the other hand, some see nothing wrong with it but rather believe that the more you get, the more you want.
In addition to this thought, some simply think that Ronaldo deserves to be the highest ever paid Premiership player for all that he has done in terms of performance and achievement.

Cristiano Ronaldo himself has already tasted poverty. He grew into it as a child in Madeira and had to overcome several family problems, but resilience in life has let him become who he is now.

Perhaps Ronaldo deserves all the wealth he owns, perhaps he is being too greedy and selfish… Whatever it is, it’s up to him.

One thing is clear, the fact that Ronaldo could be earning up to 150,000 pounds a week will always be a debate.

Written by: Angela Asante.

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