Goal and assist for Ronaldo in 4-1 win

Utd won 4-1 against Derby at Old Trafford yesterday, with a brace from Tevez and goals from Giggs and Ronaldo. It was Giggs’ 100th goal for United. The win takes them to within 1 point of league leaders Arsenal.

Ronaldos goal came from a penalty when he was felled by Stephen Bywater. The decision has sparked controversy over Ronaldo’s greed for goals as Tevez was on a hat-trick. However Manchester United’s players insist there was no bad blood over Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to take the penalty.

Reds captain Ryan Giggs insisted: “Penalty takers should always take penalties, simple as that. If we got an important penalty in the next couple of weeks then Cristiano scoring one today will give him the confidence to do it again.”

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