Gerard Pique Admits That Cristiano Ronaldo is Better Than Messi

An unusual statement came from Barcelona’s defender, Gerard Pique, when he was being interviewed  about his team biggest rival, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Pique has actually admitted that Cristiano is a better striker than Lionel Messi.

Few years ago, Pique and Ronaldo were used to play together with Manchester United. And the two get to know each other very well.

“The advantage during battles with Real Madrid is that I know all the tricks from Cristiano Ronaldo” said Pique in the new edition of Voetbal International.

“In Manchester I was on the training ground every day in front of him. All this knowledge makes you understand that as a footballer, Cristiano is so complete.”

“Actually, he’s more complete than Lionel Messi. He’s fast, has a good shot and is strong in the air. Everyone calls Cristiano arrogant, but he’s not. I’ve known him as a friendly and humorous person.”

“Yes, he has trouble in some levels, but he’s a good boy, “he added.

Not everyday we get to hear a Barcelona player praises Cristiano Ronaldo more than his biggest rival, Lionel Messi.  But it’s a good thing to hear one of them speaking the truth.


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