FIFA Rejected the Appeal for Cristiano Ronaldo Yellow Card

FIFA has rejected the appeal filed by the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) for Cristiano Ronaldo yellow card. According to FIFA, they rejected their appeal because they did not find the error on Jorge Larrionda’s decision on booked the captain Portugal.

Ronaldo received a yellow card after a clash with the Ivory Coast player, Guy Demel, when both sides play in the group stage of World Cup 2010 South Africa, Tuesday (06/15/2010).

According to the FPF, the dispute happened because Ronaldo is provoked by the Ivory Coast player, and that became the reason they filed an appeal. But since FIFA rejected the appeal, FPF claimed to be disappointed with their decision.

“Cristiano is an important player for us. This is a situation where he could not do anything and get a card. That is the most painful type of sanction,” said a spokesman for the national team of Portugal.

“We have been notified by FIFA that they refuse this appeal. FIFA said there was no error factor from the referee, which occurs when a player is find guilty by given the card. In this case, the referee has a full authority so that FIFA refuse our appeal,” he added.


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