Evra: Cristiano Ronaldo was NEVER Manchester United’s star man

Patrice Evra

Patrice Evra

Much debate have been surrounding the future of Manchester United as a successful team next season after they let out the likes of Carlos Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Before losing to Chelsea in the Community Shield yesterday, Manchester United had also lost against Bayern Munich in the Audi Cup. These defeats left Manchester United without important trophies ahead of the new season which kicks off on August 15.

It may be hard to answer some few questions:

Do Owen and Valencia fill the gap created by Tevez and Ronaldo’s departure? How will Manchester United cop without Ronaldo who was the club’s top scorer in the past three years? Can Manchester United’s current squad match or outclass the achievements set by the Manchester United side that comprised Cristiano Ronaldo? And the questions could go on and on, either with many answers or with no responses at all.

However, one man who didn’t hesitate in giving his opinion on this issue was Cristiano Ronaldo’s former teammate, Patrice Evra. The French Man retorted to the media:

“Ronaldo was never the star at Manchester United. We are all stars and the boss would never let any one person believe he is the star.

“He was a good player for us and a very important one. But Manchester United was Manchester United before him and it is still Manchester United after him.”

Now CRF’s Angela Asante wants to know your point of view on Patrice Evra’s comments. Are Manchester United strong without Cristiano Ronaldo? Is it true that Cristiano Ronaldo was NEVER the star man at Manchester United?
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