Cristiano Ronaldo Wants Real Madrid Fans To Intimidate Others And Support More

Real Madrid Star Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates in front of Real Madrid fans after scoring a goalFlorentino Perez’s millionaire Real Madrid stars are expected to perform but Cristiano Ronaldo thinks that Real Madrid fans must also support in full voices.

Supporters of Los Blancos have a tendency of being too silent when Real Madrid are down during a game. Otherwise, they prefer to insult their own players or leave the stadium early.
Meanwhile, Real Madrid have a long way to go in the season as a team that are yet to glue very well.

Speaking to the media, Cristiano Ronaldo expressed his worry at the fans’ attitude. He explained:

“Yes, we have to assume the duty of putting on a great show but it’s just not possible sometimes.

“We try, always… but the team doesn’t play well all the time and I think that the fans could support us more.”

As an example, Cristiano Ronaldo singled out the fans of his former team, Manchester United. He said:

“Take Manchester United fans for example. They were very intimidating against other teams like Liverpool or Manchester City.

“I’m sure that if our fans tried to do that, it would give us players a big boost and it would be way better for everyone.”

Angela Asante, CRF Chief Editor

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