Cristiano Ronaldo vs Malaga – Is It Worth The Fight ??

Victory over Malaga will mean nothing for Cristiano Ronaldo and all Real Madrid team if Barcelona at the same time also win over Real Valladolid at Camp Nou. Sadly but true, tomorrow match will be a final closure and also their only chance to win La Liga, yet they felt losing even before the match starts.

But Cristiano didn’t want to waste his time to think about something that hasn’t happen yet. He will face their last match with only one goal, to Win !! With his head in two place at the same time, Cris can only hope for the slightest possibility that Barca will slip-out in their own home. In the end, hoping for a miracle to come.

But the question is, will Barca loosen their defense since Valladolid won’t be a threat to them, and could face a possible draw just like 7 years ago, when Barca got detained by Valladolid with 1-1 and 0-0 ? I don’t think so. They will surely play with their best performance. Therefore, Real Madrid’s intention to fight Malaga seems to be futile and hopeless.

But apart from that, Real Madrid deserves the appreciation for being a tough competitor for Barcelona.


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