Cristiano Ronaldo To Play In FC Porto Organized Charity Match For Madeira

[/caption]Cristiano Ronaldo’s home land Madeira is in need of help after being hit by floods over last weekend.

Portuguese club FC Porto are willing to help the suffering population; they’ve come up with one upcoming charity football game.

FC Porto will playing against players from Madeira’s soccer clubs Maritimo and Nacional and Cristiano Ronaldo is willing to take part in this charity event.

The Madeira-born Real Madrid football player already showed his solidarity in Los Blancos’ 6-2 victory over Villarreal last Sunday. But he is keen to doing more than just that.

“I want to help in any way I can,” Cristiano Ronaldo stated after explaining his shock towards the incident.

“[Madeira] is where I grew up and where my family live.

“I couldn’t believe what I saw on television.”

Cristiano Ronaldo Fan will give you further updates on FC Porto’s charity games which will feature Madeira native Cristiano Ronaldo.

Angela Asante,

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