Cristiano Ronaldo the Amazing Player that Worth All the Money

coverCristiano Ronaldo is known with his intense competitive streak and work ethic. Since the age of 3, football is become his life. And not just technique, he managed to keep it more professional with countless workouts and strict diet.

Against Mallorca this week, he made his first hat-trick, and he clearly showed the world that he’s not just come in pretty package, but skills is become his best asset. Now €80 million didn’t seem too much for all his efforts in becoming the best player in the world.

“It’s a fair figure,”he said, commenting on his expensive signing to Real Madrid. “I’m happy to be the most expensive player in the world. I’m going to try to do everything to play very well and I will show that the money they are paying for me has been a good decision.”

With 6’1 and 182 lbs., Cristiano is one of the leanest, fastest and fittest athletes in the world. Plus, not bad too look at. Despite already become one of the best football player and has achieve the greatness level in his career, he has no intention of lowering his effort.

“I want to get better and better,” he says.”My ambition is huge.” He’s not easy to get satisfy, thats why other player looked up to him as a role model. Even with lots of bad press and gossip on him, he still manages to perform well on the field.

Recently, Real Madrid captain, Raul praised him, and called him down-to-earth and very nice. “Cristiano is super-nice, and very hardworking. Since the first time I saw him on the field, I knew that I should work harder. For me, he’s the new leader for the team”

He also added,”He’s a professional, the club did the right thing on settling a high prize on him.” Looks like Raul has no problem in passing his captain position to his junior if he leaves Los Blancos.

So, does Cristiano worth €80 million ?? I’d say he’s worth more than that.


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