Cristiano Ronaldo Super Videos

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s video highlights against Arsenal here. There is also his warm up before the 3-1 victory against Arsenal as well as a post-match interview.
It is all about Cristiano Ronaldo yesterday!

There is also a rare video of Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister Elma as she is interviewed after three Porto FC fans went to robb Ronaldo’s CR7 shop in Madeira. In the video, Elma reveals that the robbers said some bad words on Ronaldo. Fortunately enough for the Aveiros, all the stolen stuff has been returned without defect to the CR7 shop. Watch all the superb videos here.

Cristiano Ronaldo warm up against Arsenal at the Emirates:

Cristiano Ronaldo v Arsenal – 3-1:

Cristiano Ronaldo interviews after the Arsenal game:

Rare: Elma speaking to the media after CR7 Shop robbing!

Thanks so much to CRF’s Best Fan of the Year Adrian for giving me the links for all these superb video. Enjoy!

By Angela Asante

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