Cristiano Ronaldo Showed Arrogancy in Guangzhou’s Press Conference

Cristiano Ronaldo press conference in Guangzhou yesterday has created  a mass critics in China due to his arrogancy during the conference. The Chinese media has reported that Ronaldo showed disrespectful behaviour to the press, by answering the question only in short sentence.

According to the reporters, Ronaldo didn’t show interest in answering most of the question, and often mumbling with short answers. And what makes the fans angry the most, was when Ronaldo got asked about his impression of the country. Instead of answering about the fans enthusiasm, or the beautiness of the country, Ronaldo answered that  “it’s hot and humid”. Not a pleasant thing to say, indeed.

The Chinese fans were angry with Ronaldo’s answers, and called him as a selfish arrogant player on the internet. They even wrote that he should leave, for being disrespectful to the country. But despite plenty of fans saw the bitterness on his image, many still love and adore him. As in China, there are millions of Real Madrid fans, mostly Ronaldo and Kaka fans, so it is doubtful Ronaldo would care about the “hate critics’ pointed to him.


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