Cristiano Ronaldo Scored Both Goal in Real Madrid’s 2-1 Victory Over Celta Vigo (10 March 2013)

Real Madrid grabbed their ninth spanish league victories last night against Celta Vigo in away game. However, it wasn’t an easy win for the Whites, since they had to ended the game with a narrow score of 1-2, after a goaless draw in the first half.

The host actually had the opportunity to lead the match in early minutes, unfortunately Madrid’s goal keeper Diego Lopez managed to blocked Aspas’s shot. And for the next 10 minutes, Celta hadn’t stopped their attacks, which forced Lopez to work extra hard.

At minute 18th, Real Madrid finally had the chance to break the defense, but still failed. And throughout the first half, both team showed an equal defense, but until the first round ended, still no goal from both sides.

Early on the second half, the situation had not changed, with a couple of failed attempts from Cristiano Ronaldo. But his effort finally paid off. The Portuguese striker scored the first goal in minute 61st, with a striking close range shot. However, it didn’t take too long for Madrid to celebrate the goal, since Aspas managed to equalize the point 2 minutes later.

The clock is ticking. Mourinho had to change the strategy,  pulled Callejon and Benzema to make room for Kaka and Higuain. Apparently it was the right move, since at minute 72nd the ref rewarded Madrid with a penalty shot after Varaz made a foul on Kaka. Cristiano Ronaldo as the executor suceeded doing his job,  2-1 for Madrid.

Until the match ended, the score remains the same, 1-2 for Real Madrid’s victory. Once again, Cristiano Ronaldo saved the day, and scored both goal for the team.


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