Cristiano Ronaldo Romantic Trip With Girlfriend Irina (Details)

Cristiano Ronaldo and his “new love” Irina is making the Headlines with their luxurious vacation to Corsica and Sardinia. The Real Madrid striker love to pamper himself with expensive holiday, but this time he took the Russian beauty to join him.

With a lavish yacht, the “OLIALIA, they spent most of the time with hugging , kissing, and had a crazy laugh together. On Thursday (20/5), under the rainy day, they left their yacht in Porto Veccio, to go to a massage in a beautiful hotel in Corsica. After the massage, they walked holding hands, enjoying the beautiful views.

Later on that day, they had fun in the boat, splashing each other with a shower, under a blazing sun then tenderly kissing and petting. Then they both headed to Sardinia.

The trip also taken them to famous islands “Cavallo”, but only to passed by. Again, they enjoyed the torquoise blue sea, before Cristiano finally left the Mediterranean sea to reach for Portugal (21/5/2010). They kept the good memories of the cruise, in Cap Corse (black sand beach), then passing by Porto-Vecchio, before reached Sardinia. From there, Cris flew back to Lisbon, Portugal with a helicopter.cristiano-Irina12

It’s a shame that his romantic trip with Irina didn’t come with a good performance on Cape Verde Friendly, when Portugal failed to score a single one. The frustrate Cristiano even tried to score with his hand….Well, he might want to use it for something more “usefull” …


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