Cristiano Ronaldo Refused To Switch The Nike Safari Boots

Since it got launched on October last year, the Nike Safari Boots came with controversy, with a lot of fans hated the printed animals model.

However, the boots were the one who helped Cristiano Ronaldo reached a new record and collected 22 goals in 18 matches. Just like him fond of the number 7 on his jersey, he also think that the ‘polkadot’ boots as a good luck charm, and he refused to change it.

It’s a good thing, actually, but the problem is, Nike is thinking of releasing a new model on the market. Their goal is to sell as many model of CR 7 looks.

But since the Nike Safari already became his new signature, Cris doesn’t want to get rid of the boots, and thought that the boots are doing great with him on the pitch.

Nike has denied the news, but explained that the boots are not meant for a long terms. Cristiano only use them as long as the period that the company decided.

And now, it looks like the days are numbered for Nike Safari Boots.


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