Cristiano Ronaldo & Portugal Team In A Good Luck Concert

“Let’s give our best,” was the promise of Cristiano Ronaldo yesterday in Parque Eduardo VII (Lisbon), to approximately 100,000 people who traveled from all over the country to celebrate  a big picnic. The even was organized by Modelo-Continente, a sponsor of the Portuguese team, collaborated with city hall.

The concert started from 09:30am until 9:00 pm when the Potugal team arrived. There were several entertainment and activities was held, including a concert by Tony Carey. The singer claimed that “Portugal has equal or better players than the other teams, so it is possible to bring the cup.”cristiano ronaldo

Modelo-Continente held a similar event in Lisbon back then in 2009, which made them in three Guinness World Records, for the biggest picnic and ecopoint, and the largest applause.

And yesterday, with 20,000 red balls and the biggest crowd in supporting a national team, they targeted another World Record. Of course, the main attraction was still the Portugal team.

When they arrived, all of them was stood in the stage and cheered the crowd. The crowd was enthusiastic by the chance to reunite with the players.

At the end of the concert, they were distributed over 30 000 balls, which created an atmosphere of festivity, with thousands to kick down the pitch. With the euphoria from the supporters, players have grown in confidence, so that Cristiano Ronaldo added that he believes the selection will have to “go as far as possible.”

From the picnic the squad left straight to the airport. On arrival at the airport, the same environment of euphoria at the farewell of the players. Outside the VIP room, hundreds of people cheered and shouted words of power to “Navigation”.cristiano ronaldo

Next stop will be South-Africa, where Portugal will play a friendly match against Mozambique on June 8th, before the first world cup match against Côte d’Ivoire. Portugal stands in third position on Fifa ranking and is one of the favourite squads to win the title.

The Portuguese playmaker Cristiano Ronaldo, according to one poll, he is the most favorite by the people of South – African World Cup with 17%, followed by Lionel Messi (12%) and Kaka (10%)


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