Cristiano Ronaldo Night Out With Irina and Friends

After the tiring rumors about the baby and his surrogate mother, Cristiano Ronaldo tried to comfort her lady with a casual night out date with friends. Even though Irina aware of the camera that shot her lovely face, she managed to posed with a stoned face and not even a grin. It’s very different with her latest pictures in her female friends birthday celebration.

She barely raised a smile, and stand close to her friend, model Jessica White, while Cristiano also barely smile on the pictures.irina and pal

But she had no problem in posing with Jessica as they arrived at the restaurant, struggled to show a glimps of a smile. Could she be upset about her boyfriend latest rumor of him having a baby behind her back?? That’s why they never gotten out in a romantic date with just the two of them.cris-irina

That night they made their way to SoHo for an after dinner party at the member’s club.


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