Cristiano Ronaldo – Losing His Magic in Penalty Kicks

Cristiano Ronaldo onced became unstoppable when it comes to a penalty kick execution. But recently,  the Portugal captain is starting to lose his “magic” feet. Near the end of season 2011/12 , Ronaldo has failed a number of penalty shot, and most of it, the failure came right in a critical moment. The question is, will it affect his performance in the Euro 2012 duel against Germany, who’s known as the team with it’s best penalty executors?

According to Volkan Demirel, Turkey’s goal keeper, Ronaldo’s penalty shot was becoming predictable. Against Turkey in the last friendly match, Ronaldo once again failed to execute the penalty kick. Demirel pointed that after observing Ronaldo’s failed penalty against Bayern Muenchen at the last Champions League, that Ronaldo intends to direct the ball to the left side.

With the failed penalty, Ronaldo who was expected to open the chance for the team has clearly dropped the spirit of the team. Just like what happened in the Champions League semi-final.  Madrid has failed to enter the final as the other players have lost their confidence after Ronaldo’s flunked during the  execution.

Of course, against German next Saturday, there’s chance Ronaldo will have to do another penalty shot. And hopefully, he will succeeded in the  end.

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