Cristiano Ronaldo Junior Christening Ceremony – News and Details !!

Cristiano Ronaldo Junior Christening day is now less than 2 weeks, and auntie Katia is busy preparing for the event, including taking care of the guest invitation.

And speaking about the guest, the latest news reported that the invitation have been sent, and they are expecting for the confirmation, on who’s going to attend the event.

Special guest that already confirmed their attendance, besides family and close friends of the Aveiro’s, is a famous singer Ricky Martin. Ricky Martin has a schedule in Portugal, since he will have a concert at the Atlantic Pavilion in Lisbon, at 23rd June.

“Ricky Martin is a friend of Cristiano, and already said ‘OK’ for the invitation,”said a friend of CR.

The special Christening event will be held at the chapel of the Campo de Tiro de Montijo, starting at 16:00. And after the ceremony, they will continue the celebration with a party at CR sister in Moita, at 18:00. They choose Katia’s house since she organized the event from the beginning until the last detail.

“I have a house so big, so beautiful, so I enjoy what I have, the comfort of my  home. This is where we feel better and here’s where we get to party. ”

For the special guest list, Cristiano only invites a really close friends. Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho and family are invited for the Christening, also Nani, his team mate at Portugal. His agent , Jorge Mendez, who become the top prior for the guest list, is reported to be the godfather of Cris Junior. And for Irina, of course she’s on the list. But this time, she will bring her sister, Tatiana.

The party will all be private and secure, but hopefully we get a little peek of the event.


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