Cristiano Ronaldo is Honoured to Play With Luis Figo

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The Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo has named Diego Maradona and Luis Figo as his idols. His dream is to be labelled as “the next Figo”. He also said that it was an honour to play with the latter for Portugal.

The Manchester United legend told, “The first I remember was Diego Maradona. My dad gave me a Maradona shirt when I was very young. He used to shout shoot like Maradona, dribble like Maradona. I remember watching his goals on television and I wanted to do the same.”

He continued, “I loved watching Luis Figo. He did what every Portuguese boy dreamed about. He made it with two of the biggest teams in the world; he played for Barcelona and Real Madrid, won a lot of titles and was the biggest star on the national team.”

“I used to practice doing the same thing with the ball as Figo. Obviously it was a great honour when people said I was the new Figo. I remember meeting him for the first time when I was younger and he told me that I was a great player. That was a big day for me.”

“I loved playing with him on the national team, and I’m honoured that I got to play with one of my great heroes.”


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