Cristiano Ronaldo is back in action this week – too soon to believe that?

Ronaldo celebrates with his arms wide open against XerezThe current king of football, Cristiano Ronaldo, is back!

At the relief of all the millions of Cristiano Ronaldo fans around the world, the player is reported to feel fit and ready enough to feature for Real Madrid this weekend.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been out of regular football for almost two months now, also missed as much as nine competitive games for the Spanish Giants.

Amid that, Cristiano Ronaldo was only able to last for around half an hour against Hungary for his country Portugal.

In addition, the national team captain did not play in the first leg of the World Cup play-offs against Bosnia Herzegovina; he will also skip Wednesday night’s second and final leg that will determine which country makes it to the finals in South Africa between Portugal and Bosnia.

There has been much waiting on every side – for Cristiano Ronaldo, for Real Madrid, and for all the fans – but the player is now expected to be back on the field of play anytime soon.

Giving information about his current situation to AS, Cristiano Ronaldo said:

“Let us see what happens. But by the middle of this week, I’m confident that I will already be working with my teammates.

He continued:

“This week, I’ll have another test to see if I’m fit. But the recovery is well on track.”

By the way, Cristiano Ronaldo’s prospective participation in this weekend’s La Liga match for Real Madrid against Racing Santander is also due to the Portuguese FA’s understanding of the issue.

According to FIFA’s Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, no player who has skipped his international duties through injury has the right to feature for his club before five days have passed since the last match of his respective country.

The player only has the right to do so after being given the green light by his national team. In Cristiano Ronaldo’s case, Real Madrid’s game against Racing Santander comes only three days after Portugal would have played Bosnia Herzegovina on Wednesday.

But Portugal’s Football Federation (FPF) have agreed to let Ronaldo feature for the Spanish giants as soon as possible.

Their statement read:

“The FPF already expected that it will not be possible to call up the player [Cristiano Ronaldo]. We believe that he was not able to play then.

“However, if he has recovered, Real Madrid may use him whenever they want. We will not prevent anything.”

However, there is one man who believes that Cristiano Ronaldo must not rush with the aim of returning on the field rather than being on the sidelines.

This person is Rafael Marquez, Barcelona’s defender who experienced the same injury that Ronaldo sustained late in September.

The Mexican explained the extent of the injury. He said:

“It’s not easy because it is a bruise inside the bone and healing it is difficult. It takes time to cure from this. This is what happened to me.”

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