Cristiano Ronaldo Interview With Thailand Morning News Show


During his visits in Thailand, Cristiano Ronaldo took his time for an interview in Thailand Morning News show. The interview was a bit weird and awkward because not only the interviewer didn’t seem ready with the questions, (their question wasn’t organized at all as it was jumping from personal, football questions, etc ) they were also having the interview in like 4 different languages – Thai, English, Spain, and Portuguese.

It was strange that they asked Ronaldo in all 3 different kind of languages, so Im guessing even Ronaldo was confused by it. They should make up their mind whether they want it to be English interview or Spain, but most of it…. they need to find a better interpreter. Luckily, Ronaldo was smart and chose to answer all questions in English.

Anyway, I just put it together nicely so it won’t be too weird to read, don’t know if it was the right translation of the question (since they asked in Thai, Spain and Portuguese ) , but here it goes :

How’s you holiday ?

“Brilliant. I was in Thailand for 12 days and enjoyed it. The weather is fantastic, the food is good, the people are very nice with me, so I’m very happy and proud to be here “

The interviewer showed picture of Ronaldo and Irina taken with local people, and asked him about the picture.

“They were waiting for me because we have to take off by helicopter, and the people were there. I saw them and I asked them to take picture  because  I think it was amazing, I enjoy a lot, like a family.”

How many island  you have visited ?

“A few. We went to Phi Phi island, where they shot James Bond’s movie and also where Di Caprio onced made the movie. All of it fantastic. The water is warm, I really enjoyed it and someday I will return.”

We saw you fishing. Did you catch any fish?

“Yes, we went fishing. There were so many kind of fish. I also tried fishing with a string, and felt how the fish got the bait. I liked it.

How do you feel About Representing Toyota Product ?

“For me it was a pleasure because it’s a great company. I joined them since 2010, so it’s great. I enjoyed to be part of the successfull company because the champs have to be together. The company is the champ, and I’m champ too.”(smiled)

Ok, now focus on the football. About the Euro 2012 semi-finals, why did you take the last penalty ?

“It’s just the decision. I remembered when I’m in Madrid against Bayern Munich, I also made the first penalty and I lost. So I took the decision to take the shoot on the fifth, but anything can happen. They say why didn’t you shoot the first one, second…or third …it’s just a decision, feelings. The penalty is about lucky, not the best thing wins.”

So it’s your decision to shoot the last ?

“Yes, it was my decision.”

What is your proudest moment in Real Madrid ?

“I think the best moment so far is to win La liga. It’s the most difficult league in the world in my opinion, because our strongest opponent is Barcelona and we won 9 points ahead them, it was fantastic.”

How many goals you have in La liga and the whole season ?

“In the league I scored 46, in total, I don’t know to be honest….”




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