Cristiano Ronaldo Intervew at Real Madrid “Real Cristiano”

Yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo appeared in ‘Real Cristiano’, in Real Madrid TV. On the interview, he spoke many things that never been spoken so far. Although most of it you have heard before. Simply about his career, live, family, and friends, and of course, his son Cristiano Jr.

What is the music to Cristiano Ronaldo?

Singing is not what I do best, but sing a little bit.The music drags all of us, we hear it before workouts, parties, part of Real Madrid’s family. Music is part of my life. I’ve grew up in music, I like it because it relaxes me before the match.

What is your favorite music?

I like all music, depends on the mood,…it depends on many factors.

Anyone who knows you says that you are a person with a great atmosphere. Is it so difficult to know the real Cristiano Ronaldo?

I think not. People who lives with me everyday knows who I am. But other think differently.

Marcelo’s always smiling. How do you see him?

A positive person. Marcelo is a special person , every day we laugh, joking. He is a very happy guy, and gives a good influence. I consider myself a lucky guy because I’m easy to get close with a person who jokes a lot.I love the team, it’s phenomenal. It’s easy to grow and learn in such environment.

Is it one of the best team you ever been so far ?

Yes. I was in Manchester very well, having a great time in dressing room, but there were 4 or 5 senior players who were a bit more serious. The Real Madrid dressing rom is one of the most outgoing environments in which I have been.

How many true friends do you have?

I have friends that grew up with me and others on the team. They’re my second family, we see each other everyday. I have many friends in the club, but I have only a few true friends.

How do you value them?

When I was younger I couldn’t understand the meaning of true friendship. Now I have more experience and I know who loves me without wanting anything.

What thing that you can’t tollerate ?

A lie. It’s the worst thing for me. I can accept a positive lie, but it’s a thing that gets me angry.

Tell me about your first step at Andorinha.

Playing in a local club is always like a dream. My cousin was the captain. One day he took me with him and I loved it. Then everything started there.

Then you moved to National

It’s one of the best club in Madeira. My godfather was a manager there, I stayed for two years and was very comfortable, it’s a great club. Then I went to Sporting.

What lays ahead there ?

At 11 I went to Lisbon without family and a different Portuguese language. It was very hard, I suffered a lot, cried every day. There were difficult times but with many help from managers and colleagues, who saw something in me. At age 16 I was already training with the first team. It was very fast.

That had to be very hard for a kid.

I stayed in a residence and was the smallest. It was the most difficult moment of my sporting life. Cried almost every day and spoke daily with my family. I spoke very fast with my sisters and my parents on the phone because the money is spent quickly. It was very difficult. I told my mother I wanted to go home, but I always get a lot of strength from them. They knew I would overcome someday. After the first year I was making friends with people from the club and from there the adjustment was easier.

At age 16 you realized that your life would be for football?

Yes, I started to feel it. Training with Sporting’s first team meant that the studies had to change, times were very complicated. I had to study at night and there came a time when football could not reconcile with the studies. I chose football and I think it was the best decision.

Remember how much you got paid in your first paycheck in football?

50 euros. And I paid for books and notebooks for school.

In 2003 he crosses paths with Manchester United in a friendly and a couple players tell Ferguson: “Take this guy, which is very good.”

People have the idea that the agreement was after the game, but it was before. He was 18 and came to an agreement with Manchester.

When you left to England, a country and a new league, did you get little dizzy?

No. I knew no one, was a completely different country, but it was a challenge. I was very confident and knew that things were going well. I felt I was going to succeed in this club.

That confidence is priceless.

I am confident in my abilities, I was always so, not for who I am now, I have never changed. When I’m down I agree that I am wrong. I always like new challenges.

You ever thought that you would become as what you’ve achieved now ?

No. I thought I was going to be a player who can make a good page in the club history, but I never thought I could win the Champions League, a Golden Ball, a FIFA World Player … At least when I arrived at Manchester at 17.

What is the best advice you have in football?

Lots of good advice. It wouldn’t be fair to say only one. My coaches, former players, are important people … I always listen to people who have a good idea of ​​football.

In 2009, crosses paths with Real Madrid. Was it your dream since childhood ?

Me and my family. It’s always been the best club in the world. I always dream to play here. We’re succeeding in life cycles. I thought it was time to change. In Manchester I had already won a lot and wanted to win in another club. I wanted to keep winning in another league and another club. Real Madrid was something different and I wanted to play. I am very happy.

How is Cristiano as a dad ?

I’m good dad. I’m still learning. It’s a feeling you can not put into words. I’m living a very special moment in my life.

Do you change diapers? (boring question)

I have to confess that’s not what I like.

Tell me the feelings and the sensations you get

I’ve been a dad for nine months and something new surprises every day: a smile, a gesture, a look… It is spectacular. Having children and enjoy our time with them is the most beautiful thing we can do. I think he’s going to be very smart, at least smarter than me. I will let him be whatever he wants. I won’t make him become a footballer. I’m not going to lie to you; I would like him to be my successor, but he will be whatever God wants him to be.

When you have a famous girlfriend, it must be hard to have a normal life.

If I had a normal girl with a simple job, it would still be the same. If you’re famous you have something to sell.We must learn to live with those situations. Sometimes you can not do simple things because people will see or try to take pictures to sell, but we have to adapt to that and live with it.

What’s the strangest thing you have done to go unnoticed?

Once in New York asked the driver to drop me off at a site near the hotel because there were many journalists waiting at the door. I pretended to be drunk with a fellow and went bowing his head.

Then they were discussing about the league, clasico and other match. It’s a bit boring, so I didn’t post it here.


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